Who We Are

Looking in from the outside, you probably think that Audbleelectronics is just a company that distributes twenty four pro-audio brands. Of course, this is true but we aim to be much more than that to our customers. We build long lasting relationships with customers and work with them as partners.

We are located in a thriving area in the center of Dubai. We also are focusing on the incomparable experience of working and cooperative strategies in emerging markets to provide our brand clients with a single, proven, variable cost distribution solution for the developing world.

Our longstanding partnership with various pro audio manufactures was led to create various undiscovered developing markets which it has truly been an outstanding achievement. We manage to generate consistent sales and provide the markets just with cooperating of various coherent manufactures.

The Audibleelectronics is, however, more than just great products; our experienced team of audio specialists work hard to back our products with impressive customer service and a range of support services to ensure customers' projects are a success. These services include:

• System Design
• Product Demonstrations
• Training
• Loudspeaker System Modeling
• Product Customization
• Live rental equipment
• Distribute products in the Middle

Our staff have a great breadth of experience encompassing all aspects of the audio industry - commercial audio visual, leisure, live music and security, conferencing, recording, broadcast and even hi-fi. We are happy to put this experience at your disposal, helping you grow your business and diversify in to areas where you don't have the relevant experience in-house.

Our Mission

Audible Electronics’ mission is to be a practical solution for brand clients and provide the finest quality and cutting-edge pro audio technology products for current developing markets. Our motto is “We meet your demands with unlimited energy to ensure a successful outcome!

We truly value our customers and will continue striving to offer them exceptional value and service for many generations to come.